Restoring Health – One meal at a time - An Audubon Exclusive

Restoring Health – One meal at a time - An Audubon Exclusive
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Restoring Health - One Meal at a Time
An Audubon Exclusive*
by Janeen Beard, RN
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Janeen Beard offers a speaking event on “Restoring Health – One meal at a time.” Janeen’s presentation deals with over six decades of research demonstrating that food is one of the most powerful medicines that we can use. She’ll talk about reversing diabetes, reversing health disease and a host of health related issues. The presentation is approximately 45 minutes and is followed by a question and answer session.
Janeen is a registered nurse who was originally schooled in traditional American medicine (i.e. there is a pill for everything) who came to understand the power of a Whole Plant Based Nutrition program when pills and medicine didn’t work for her. She has done intensive research, has completed plant based courses of study, has graduated from a plant based culinary course and is now completing the last step, a holistic nutrition certification program.
Janeen owns a small organic farm where she teaches whole plant based cooking courses and counsels in health and nutrition. At the end of the presentation, you’ll understand why so many people are eager to hear the message that Janeen will bring.
*Audubon Exclusives are events or services offered by staff, board members, volunteers, and friends as fundraisers for Audubon Community Nature Center. To see other exclusives currently available, click here. Would you like to help? If you have ideas for other Exclusives, please contact Jennifer Schlick at 716-569-2345.
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