Grandpa Dave: Storytelling and Folklore

Grandpa Dave: Storytelling and Folklore
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Grandpa Dave: Storytelling and Folklore
An Audubon Exclusive

Date: flexible, based on availability
Time: up to two hours
Location: within 20 miles of Audubon Community Nature Center
Max: for audience of up to 100 people, more depending on venue and availability of a public address system.

Make a donation of $100 to ACNC, and Grandpa Dave will provide entertainment for your upcoming event.

Hiring a storyteller like Grandpa Dave is a great way to engage and entertain your audience. Whether it's youngsters at a birthday party, family cookouts, a group camping trip, or Scouting event, people of all ages love getting caught up in a good story.

Grandpa Dave is a well-known storyteller "from way back." A warm, friendly bear of a man, Dave will capture your group's imagination and hold them on the edge of their seats with an assortment of fascinating tales.

Dave's repertoire includes a wide assortment of subjects including Native American folklore, the early history of our area, ghost stories, legends, and his personal favorite - Bigfoot and other cryptozoological creatures.

The year is 1825. You’ve been moving through the woods with your bags of knives and metal ornaments and have finally met up with the Seneca’s who will trade you their beaver pelts and other skins. You’ve built a campfire for the evening where you’ll share a dinner and then tell tales long into the night – tales of past glories, stories from the Seneca culture, tall tales and other stories passed down from other cultures.

If you’ve ever wanted to take a step back in time, you’ll want to invite Grandpa Dave to your next outing. Still wearing the mountain man garb of the trapper, and armed with the same long knife and other decorations, Dave will draw you into the past with his stories of native cultures, lore and legend and a few tall tales as well.

Dave makes a campfire an adventure and an after-hours gathering more like a rendezvous. If you’re looking to quiet and entertain a room full of young scouts or want a memorable evening for your youth group, invite Grandpa Dave – outside around the fire circle or indoors around the lodge, it’s an evening they won’t forget.

Please contact Dave at 440-320-6906 to ask any questions you might have.

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